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Be it a short or long haul, Davis Kelin will go the distance to ensure truck drivers and commercial trucking companies are held responsible for their negligent actions.

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You need an attorney with experience in truck accident cases. One who will not give up the good fight until you have received the compensation you deserve.

People hire many different kinds of lawyers for many different reasons. Here at the Davis Kelin Law Firm we specialize in injury cases, and have handled complex trucking accident cases in the past. We are always vigilant in staying up-to-date on all areas of law that could affect your case and we make a living negotiating with insurance adjusters and trucking companies on our clients’ behalf. Thus, we are fully equipped to go the extra mile to ensure you are compensated for any damages caused by the reckless conduct of a truck driver or trucking company.

Trucking Accidents and Defective Machinery

Approximately one out of every four semi-trucks, upon inspection, have been found to be so mechanically deficient that it is illegal for them to be operating on the roadways and they are declared out of service. Of course, it is only upon inspection that any of this is actually known, and there are likely thousands of trucks on the road this week that are in violation of federal law.


Trucking Law: Qualifications for Drivers and Negligent Hiring/ Retention Lawsuits

Law is often a question of blame and litigation ultimately results in the allocation of fault among the parties involved, with each to pay his respective share. It is in this divvying up of fault juries are asked to consider how much of the accident was due to the Defendant truck driver, the Plaintiff, or the trucking company involved. Some might see this as odd; there were only two parties involved in the accident, the truck driver and the plaintiff, so why bring in the trucking company?


Driver Fatigue Trucking Accident Lawsuits

The concept seems fairly simple: if you are tired, go to sleep. Yet, an expert witness once testified that approximately forty percent of serious accidents are caused by fatigue. This probably has something to do with the fact that some trucking companies offer incentives for early deliveries in addition to already grueling schedules.

Driver Fatigue


Commercial Trucking Accidents and Truck Driver DUI

A 1995 roadside study in four states found that illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or amphetamines/methamphetamine were also prevalent in the trucking industry (almost 5 percent of truck drivers tested positive for illicit drug use). This is in the face of longstanding federal regulations requiring carriers to test all commercial drivers for drugs and alcohol before employment, after crashes, and on a random basis. So the question we keep asking ourselves is why are these drivers still on the road.

Truck Driver DUI



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