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    After the Car Accident, We Were Devastated

    "The car accident attorneys at Davis Kelin understand how to take on a big insurance company. They were not uncomfortable and it was clear that they knew what they doing."

As Car Accident Attorneys, We Can Help You Get Through Any Car-Related Accident.

The car accident attorneys at The Davis Kelin Law Firm have extensive trial experience in car, truck, pedestrian, bicycle and many other vehicle-related injury cases. Serving the greater Albuquerque area as well as the entire state of New Mexico.

Car Accident Injuries Overview

Car accident related injuries in New Mexico have been linked to poor driving, excessive speed, unsafe road conditions, poor vehicle maintenance, road construction — even inadequate signage.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you or the injured party can be financially liable for the consequences; including property damage, passenger injuries and any fatalities. Liability insurance can cover these potential costs. If you have been injured, working with a car accident attorney can help determine if you have any grounds to seek any financial compensation you may be entitled to.

Hiring an Albuquerque Accident Lawyer

Hit or Injured by a Drunk Driver

If you are injured by a drunk driver, it is critical to know your rights and how to get help.

In New Mexico, drunk drivers are required to pay for all the damages caused by their reckless behavior. This includes medical bills, the pain caused by their conduct, emotional distress, lost wages, and other types of compensatory damages. Not only is the drunk driver required to pay for the all of the injuries they caused, but they must pay punitive damages.

Hit by Drunk Driver

Under or Uninsured Motorist

We can’t even imagine the idea of being hit by an uninsured or under-insured motorist, yet it happens every day to individuals just like you. It may even be one of your worst fears; that you may be involved in an awful accident, due to no fault of your own, with no financial recourse available.

As more and more people become unemployed, the number of uninsured drivers keeps climbing. This is not an issue that will be going away anytime soon. So if you are in fact a victim of an uninsured or under-insured motorist take the legal steps necessary to protect your rights and in order to dothat, you must first understand your rights.


Bicyclist Hit by a Car

We know from experience that the motoring public can be biased against bicyclists. Our experience has helped us deal with the public perception of bicyclist and their rights.

Over the past 15 years the amount of people choosing to ride a bike to work has increased dramatically. It is important to raise awareness of the fact that the bicycling community is enormous and there is no sign of it's growth slowing down.

18 million people have purchased bikes —in 2014 alone — and an estimated 47 million have been cycling at least once during the same year.

Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian Hit by Car

According to the the NHTSA (National Center for Statistics and Analysis), of the 32,000+ car accident related fatalities in the U.S.A., in 2014, a little over 4,800 involved the fatality of a pedestrian. 

If you have been hit as a pedestrian, by a moving vehicle, you may be able to recover damages from the driver if the driver is proven to be negligent. Trust us, when we say this is much easier — or less difficult, shall we say, with the help of a diligent injury attorney.

Even if the driver of the car, truck, motorcycle, etc. does not have vehicle insurance, the pedestrian’s own automobile insurance may provide the pedestrian with money to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering – maybe even punitive damages that the negligent driver would otherwise be responsible to pay.

Pedestrian Accidents


Do you know exactly what to do after a car accident?

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Car Accident Handbook

The Car Accident Handbook is free, 30-page guide written by Ben Davis, an experienced car accident attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico.