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Ben Davis.

Albuquerque Injury Attorney.

Ben Davis is a personal injury attorney based in Albuquerque, licensed to practice throughout the State of New Mexico and helps with malpractice and mass tort cases across the United States.

George “Benjamin” Davis is a hard-working injury attorney with experienced trial counsel. After litigating for years in the trenches of a railroad defense and commercial litigation firm, he has developed an affinity for aggressively pursuing relief for those who have been damaged, injured or taken advantage of. Mr. Davis first developed a taste for sleepless nights and heartburn (a.k.a. personal injury litigation) while enrolled in Practice Court at Baylor Law School.  There he learned by doing—completing many trials under the watchful (sometimes angry) eyes of experienced trial attorneys. 



A Bit of Personal Insight

After several years of representing large Fortune 500 companies, making the switch to representing everyday people was a significant leap into the unknown that Ben was unsure he could make.  A higher power, however, forced Ben to make a decision in late October, 2009:

In early October, 2009, Ben learned that he and his wife were pregnant with their first child.  Two weeks later, Ben was driving from Albuquerque to Farmington for a hearing.  As he past Cuba, New Mexico on 550, the sunny skies turned to dark clouds.  The dark clouds traded their grey lining for white flurries.  The highway quickly turned into an ice rink.  Within the blink of any eye, Ben lost control of his car.  He slid into oncoming traffic.  The next thing Ben can recall is waking up in the wreckage.  He was hit by a large oil service truck.  Fortunately, Ben survived without any injuries, but with a new sense of purpose.

A Pivotal Moment

The photographs below demonstrate that something larger than all of us was at work on that fateful day:

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With a baby on the way and a brush with death, Ben made his mind up to leave the large Fortune 500 companies behind and start representing everyday folks. The Davis Law Firm was born and not long after, Elias Davis was born. Both are alive and well. To date, Ben has helped numerous people and small businesses fight insurance companies, large corporations, and others who chose not to follow the rules for their own gain.

In Ben’s free time, he is drawn to the mountains. He enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing. Every football season he is convinced that the Longhorns are destined to be national champions and, every thirty years or so, his convictions are borne out. While defending the railroads, he has developed a motley collection of where and where not to eat, drink, and sleep throughout New Mexico and such exotic locations as Logan and Alamogordo.

If you are interested in hiring a hard-working attorney with an acute desire to serve your best interests, pursue fair compensation for yourself before taking a paycheck, as well as punishing the wrongdoer who is responsible for putting you in your situation, then you have found him.